Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lizards in the Rocks

My dad and I were riding our dirt bikes in the desert. We stopped to get a drink of water by a rock. I herd a hissing noise when I sat down. I turned around and there sat a huge lizard. The lizard was about 16 inches long. He was hissing like a crocodile would if it were mad. I took a picture so you could see it. When my dad and I got back to camp later that evening, I looked in my reptile book to see what kind of lizard it was. It was called a Chuckwalla.

I then left camp and went in to a layer of rocks and boy were there a lot of Chuckwallas. When I came out of the rocks my dad was ready to go. I was dreaming about those Chuckwallas for weeks.

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